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We are an award winning post production studio

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Post Modern is a full service post production company specializing in all forms of advertising and film work. We are a team of storytellers who love to collaborate with our clients. In fact collaboration is at the heart of everything we do. Our diverse roster of editing talent has a wealth of experience that allows us to execute any project imaginable, including commercials, promos, documentaries, music videos, shortform and longform projects. No matter the size of a project we always make sure our clients get the best editorial execution from start to finish.

We offer 7 offline edit suites that are all capable of running Adobe Creative Cloud, Da Vinci Resolve, FCP X and Avid Media Composer. Our setup allows for maximum flexibility and can be customized for any project.

Each suite has access to a lighting fast fibre and WIFI connection making sure our clients are always connected and can work remotely while at Post Modern.

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Colour Grading

We operate two Da Vinci Resolve grading suites with 4K monitoring. We are passionate about helping our clients realise their creative vision in the color grading process. We understand the true value that color grading can bring to any project and the impact it has on audiences.

Our colorists have experience in grading commercials, feature films, documentaries, music video, promos and live music events.

Our colorspace mastering services include REC 709, P3 + SDR.

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Online Finishing

We offer our clients a variety of online solutions. Our compositing services include basic to advanced clean-ups, beauty touch ups, set extensions, stabilization, 3D tracking and rotoscoping. We also partner with the leading animation and visual effects companies in South Africa to meet the demands of bigger VFX projects.

We have four Autodesk Flame suites that provide our clients with a world class video finishing experience. These suites are connected to high speed SSD storage making render times a thing of the past and allowing superfast collaboration between our color grading, online finishing and delivery teams. Fusion and After Effects are also being used to complement our online workflow.

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Data Management & Archives

Post Modern has a dedicated technical department that manages all our data including long term archives.

All our deliverables undergo a comprehensive qc process making sure the video and audio meet delivery specifications of broadcast and digital platforms.

Our services include:

  • Large file transfers
  • Transcoding of video files
  • Delivering broadcast material via Adstream.
  • Standards conversions, frame conversions and audio repitching.
  • Aspect ratio conversion services for all social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram and YouTube.
  • Cloud based storage solutions making it easy for our clients to always access their final masters.
  • Long term archiving of projects

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